Rewards for Referrals

Referral Rewards Program 

We Will Give You a Reward for Referrals of 

Fundraisers or Year-Round Fundraising Superstore Client Organizations

~~ Our Way of Saying - Thank You - for Helping Us to Help Others ~~


When you refer to us an organization that runs a iShop Fundraiser SuperStore TM or sets up a Year-Round iShop Fundraisier Superstore, we at iShop Fundraiser LLC would like to give you a reward for the referral.  

The reward would be a payment to You equal to 5% of the amount raised by the  American organization...month after month and year after year. 

NOTICE: The reward come solely from iShop Fundraiser LLC and do not cut into any organization's share of their fundraising funds.

In the spirit of "Being a Supporter or Member for raising funds for a American organizations to support American people in need," it is our way of saying : "Thank You" on behalf of iShop Fundraiser LLC and on behalf of the Fundraiser Organization that you refer and the people and programs that they are able to help with the raised funds.

Some general examples:

  • When our fundraising raises $1,000 for the organization, we give you $50.
  • When our fundraising raises $10,000 for the organization, we give you $500
  • When our fundraising raises $100,000 for the organization, we give you $5,000.


  • If you have not done so already, please sign up for a free Customer Account on iShop - Just click on My Account on the top menu bar of the Home Page, and then click on Create Account. Be sure to enter your email address and your mailing address that you want your check mailed to.

  • When you contact the Fundraising Director at an organization and refer them to iShop and email them our iShop Fundraiser Information Flier, simply ask them to enter your name as the person who referred them to iShop Fundraiser when they schedule their fundraiser. 

Happy Shopping! Enjoy! 
Thank you
 for becoming a true 
iShop Fundraiser TM supporter and 
helping us in supporting other American youths, adults and organizations in need!  

THANK YOU from Your Appreciative 
Friends at iShop Fundraiser LLC   


  • The organization you refer must be a legitimate American school, college, club, youth group, athletic league, charity, foundation, faith-based group, nonprofit organization, company raising money for a charity or other organization approved by us that does fundraising for legitimate and worthy causes or programs that benefit American people. A organization's fundraiser director may not designate himself or herself as the referring person. 
  • The organization must have a minimum of 100 members. The organization's Fundraising efforts must raise at least a minimum of $500 for you to get your reward.  Our reward to you will be mailed to you once the Fundraiser and the accounting are completed.  On our Year-Round Superstore Program, we pay you monthly as we pay them monthly based on amounts raised.  The reward to you is paid by check approximately 2 weeks after the completion of the fundraiser or after the end of the month.  On a Year-Round Fundraising Superstore, payment is made monthly or once a minimum $500 is reached.  On $500 raised, you would get a $25 reward.  Your rewards on each organization are payable as earned...month after month & year after year.
  • If you have contacts with schools, school groups, faith-based groups, clubs or organization leaders and may be interested steady long-term income and have some free time to make multiple contacts, please contact us.  We have a special long-tern income program for you...check out...Become a iShopAdvisor!! 

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