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Our program is an innovative opportunity nationwide for our Partners (Charities, Non-Profits and For-Profit Organizations in America) to offer an online fundraising superstore for raising revenue for their causes. Our Partners make a profit by sharing our online fundraising superstore and marketing system.

We have thousands of products available from 715 manufactures to choose from on at reasonable prices, with FREE SHIPPING and HANDLING on all products.

Advantages of using our iShop Fundraising Superstore™ for Organizations:
  • No More…Deciding what to sell and guessing what to sell for profit.
  • No More…Ordering products, guessing quantities for your inventories.
  • No More…Investing in paying for products and worrying about vendors and returns.
  • No More…Inventory storage, handling, sorting and distribution
  • No More…Handling of cash money and accounting requirements by members.
  • No More…Unpleasant and tedious direct selling and “pushing” products by members or supporters.
  • No More…Personal delivery requirements for members to sort, fulfill and deliver.  
  • No More…Direct Selling! Your members simply use our iShop Fundraiser Pass-It-On Viral Marketing System™ to spread the word on and on and on.
  • It’s FUN! Sharing something New and Exciting with family and friends via email, on all sources of Social Media, like Facebook and Twitter is easy…even to someone thousand miles away!
Our iShopPartner™ Program focuses on raising revenue and building relationships with all types of organizations locally and nationwide in showing them how they have an opportunity to raise more funds than ever before without having all the challenging aspects of coming up with fundraising ideas and spending many hours running and maintaining the outcome.
With many of our country’s charities and non-profit organizations demonstrating the need and guidance on improving fundraising strategies for the growth of their causes, here is an Innovative Opportunity to share our unique and innovated online Fundraising SuperStore to the members/supporters of our Partners nationwide.

Please Contact:   Support (813) 918-2342
Frequently Asked Questions!
What kinds of organizations can iShop Fundraiser help?
Our innovative iShopFundraiser Online FREE Fundraiser Program is ideal for:
  • Schools & school groups – Elementary, Middle, High Schools & Entire School Districts
  • Nonprofit athletics, sports leagues - All sports
  • Youth groups, clubs & organizations – Adult groups, clubs & organizations
  • Colleges, clubs, fraternities, academic and athletic programs
  • Churches, church organizations & spiritual groups
  • Veterans’ groups, adult civic clubs & other nonprofit organizations
  • Charities & nonprofit organizations
  • Community support, and youth and adult programs organizations
  • Corporations that raise funds for charities & corporate foundations.
Note: We work with Partners with 100 members/supporters up to hundreds of thousands of members/supporters.
Does our organization have to pay for anything or invest any money in an iShop Fundraiser Online SuperStore?
No cost or investment required or maintaining any inventory products. We process all purchased orders and all products comes with FREE Delivery & Handling anywhere in United States.
How much of the profits does iShop Fundraiser LLC give to organizations for products purchased during the iShop Fundraiser Online SuperStore™ buying experience?
We donate to you - our iShopPartner Organization - a whopping 50% of our profits..."Off The Top" before iShop Fundraiser LLC expenses. 
How does iShop Fundraiser LLC tracks all the purchases by your supporters and their many friends?
Once you register with us as an iShopPartner, we provide a sales spreadsheet once a month with of all your sales and a iShopAdvisor to you for helping your organization with marketing techniques for the growth of your donated revenue sales. None of the member/supporter names will be on the sales monthly spreadsheet.
What is the minimum profit-share your organization will get from each product purchased during our iShop Fundraiser Online SuperStore™ ?
Of course, results will vary on how our iShopPartners gets the word out to their supporters/members about their iShop Fundraiser SuperStore located on the front page of their website and the variety type of products are purchased.
Also keep in mind, some consumers will purchase multiple products. If you correctly implement our iShop Fundraiser TM Multimedia Buzz Marketing System TM, you will greatly widen your exposure to your community and receive more donated money.
How long does the iShop Fundraiser Online SuperStore fundraiser run?
24/7 all year long. iShopPartners are provided a Free, Simple, Easy, Convenient, and Ultra-High-Powered turnkey fundraising solution.
What else does iShop Fundraiser LLC provide?
Our iShop Fundraiser Online SuperStore™ also includes our HIGH-POWERED and highly effective iShop Fundraiser™ Pass-It-On Viral Marketing System TM and our iShop Fundraiser™ Multimedia Buzz Marketing System™. We provide a customized email to send to members/supporters, some digital marketing materials and promotional fliers. We also provide a sample press release and an event announcement with simple instructions and tips for your 24/7 fundraiser. We give you the tools to make it happen. These are all provided to you after you register with us.
Why should an organization add a iShop Fundraiser Online SuperStore™ to their website?
Our iShop Fundraiser Online SuperStore is a big WIN-WIN-WIN for ALL parties involved.
WE do all the work and provide everything you need at our expense - all the products, technology and systems. We are proud about giving the bulk of our profits to help many wonderful organizations such as yours.

YOU and your members and their families simply send out some emails, send out some tweets, post to facebook and do some social networking to spread the word about your iShop Fundraiser Online SuperStore into your community. You tell your supporters to pass it on to at least 5 other people to help make your fundraiser a big success. They in turn pass it on. 
The members/supporters are winners because we have thousands of wonderful consumer products for them to choose from with a wide price range with reasonable prices. American consumers are already spending over $300 Billion per year online for many of the same products that we offer. Isn’t it time your organization gets your fair share of the profits from this enormous market?  Plus, members/supporters will feel great because they know that 50% of the profits from all of their purchases are going to a very good cause – YOUR organization!

Our iShopPartners love for being Free, Simple, Easy, Convenient, and Ultra-High-Powered turnkey fundraising solution and they can feel good about many of the online purchases. Why should big corporations make all the profits? American organizations, schools and youth groups need help in raising revenue for their fundraising needs and that is what iShop Fundraiser is all about!!

By the way, isn’t it about time to start a Free, Simple, Easy, Convenient, and Ultra-High-Powered turnkey fundraising solution to raise funds for your cause?

Let iShop Fundraiser LLC, help your organization raise much needed funds for their fundraising causes and be the first to get started in your area. 

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