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Hello Future iShopAdvisor™,

iShop Fundraiser LLC™, America’s Original Online Fundraising SuperStore™, announces our unique and innovative Business Opportunity available across our great nation for business professionals interested in teaming up with us in offering a for-profit business in the fundraising industry by sharing our Online Fundraising Superstore and Marketing System:  iShop Fundraiser Online Fundraising Superstore and iShop Fundraiser Pass-It-On Viral Marketing System to all Charity, Non-Profit & For-Profit Organizations (iShopPartners) in America.
We have thousands of products available on for online purchase by your Organization’s members, supporters and their friends to choose from with a wide price range at reasonable prices, with FREE SHIPPING and HANDLING on all products.
Advantages for using our iShop Fundraising Online Superstore™ for American Organizations: 
  • No More…Deciding what to sell and guessing what to sell for profit.
  • No More…Ordering products, guessing quantities for your inventories.
  • No More…Investing in paying for products and worrying about vendors and returns.
  • No More…Inventory storage, handling, sorting and distribution.
  • No More…Handling of cash money and accounting requirements by members.
  • No More…Unpleasant and tedious direct selling and “pushing” products by members.
  • No More…Personal delivery requirements for members to sort, fulfill and deliver.
  • No More…Direct Selling!  Your members simply use our iShop Fundraiser Pass-It-On Viral Marketing System to spread the word on and on and on.  It’s FUN!  Sharing something New and Exciting with family and friends via email, on all sources of Social Media, like Facebook and Twitter is easy…even to someone thousand miles away!
Our iShopAdvisors™, focuses on building relationships with all types of organizations (iShopPartners) locally and across our nation in showing them how they have an opportunity to raise more funds than ever before without having all the challenging aspect of coming up with fundraising ideas and spending many hours running and maintaining the outcome. 
With many of our country’s charities & non-profit organizations  demonstrating the need and guidance on improving fundraising strategies for the growth of their causes, here is an Entrepreneur’s Fundraising Business Opportunity for you to share our unique and innovated Online Fundraising SuperStore to your Charities and non-profit communities locally & nationwide.

3 WAYS TO GENERATE REVENUE as an iShopAdvisor:
iShopPartners Donated Revenue Share
iShopAdvisor Team’s override from iShopPartners
iShopPartner’s Setup Fee (No cost to the Partners)
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